Trump & Clinton’s dramatic differences on late-term abortion

By now you’ve probably seen a number of heated Facebook debates in which abortion advocates heatedly tell you that, no, late-term abortions don’t really happen and partial-birth abortions don’t exist. This is all because during last week’s Presidential debate, Donald Trump exposed Hillary Clinton’s radical position on late-term and partial-birth abortion, using visceral language to describe the tragedy of killing a human child late in pregnancy. 

This hasn’t sat well with the pro-abortion blogosphere.

What outlets like Politifact and The Huffington Post conveniently ignore or whitewash are the numbers. Writing at NewsBusters, Casey Mattox uses the abortion industry’s own statistics to explain how the federal partial-birth abortion ban has saved approximately 21,000 lives in the last nine years – no thanks to Hillary Clinton. Furthermore, though late-term abortions make up a small percentage of total abortions each year, the actual headcount is staggering: 10,000 innocent children every year. At this stage in pregnancy, the only way that an abortion is carried out is by dismemberment.

Election Day is less than 2 weeks away.

Almost three months ago, Ohio Right to Life announced support for Donald Trump because of his multiple commitments to pro-life people, including the nomination of pro-life Supreme Court Justices. His performance in last week’s debate–his strong condemnation of Hillary’s Clinton’s radical pro-abortion positions–was unique for a presidential candidate this close to the Election.

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Together, pro-lifers must flood the polling stations to REJECT these horrifying practices. Hillary Clinton’s devotion to Roe v. Wade and a pro-abortion Supreme Court will determine the laws in our country not for four years, but for decades. This election, let’s be done with these archaic, inhumane ideas once and for all.

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