Below are several different needs and volunteer opportunities available at Ohio Right to Life. If you see something you’d like to help us with at our office or remotely, please contact us by filling out the volunteer form (on the left) and include the tasks you’d like to assist us with. We will also add you to our volunteer email list that we routinely send emails to as volunteer opportunities arise. Thanks for your support and we look forward to promoting and defending a culture of life with you!


  • Literature Distribution – distributing ORTL folders and pro-life materials at events as needed. Meeting with leaders in church communities and minority communities to distribute pro-life materials. 
  • Social Media – inviting friends and family to join ORTL through various social media networks. Forwarding emails and important information as requested.
  • Partnership Development – meeting with community leaders, Pastors, potential donors and others who are interested in the pro-life movement, to share about the work of ORTL.


  • Research facts on adoption in Ohio – End result would be a fact sheet regarding adoption to be distributed and placed on website. Job would involve determining how many adoptions there are in Ohio by county as well as how many children are currently in foster care and other relevant factors.
  • Pro-life Research – Read specific life-issues related books and articles, watch movies and video clips and develop lists and reviews of pro-life resources. List to be placed on website and routinely updated.


  • Help develop local media lists – Create lists of local, targeted media, particularly those covering health & government issues.
  • Draft sample “letters to the editor” – on pro-life issues to be used as a template for members.
  • Monitor and Report – on local issues, events and other pro-life stories locally; submit articles to ORTL be placed on blog, newsletter or ORTL website.


  • Research and compile profiles – of legislators for the state of Ohio (33 state senators and 99 state representatives). To be used in packets and at legislative day.
  • Participate and assist with legislative day – make phone calls and schedule legislative appointment, assist with set up and tear down, participate in the event.


  • Data entry – Enter names into database for newsletter sign-ups and petition drives. Enter address, phone, e-mail corrections into database.
  • Update current pregnancy help center list – calling all centers in state to verify location, hours, etc.; contacting chapters to see if additional centers have been established.
  • Update abortion facility list – Compare ORTL list with DOH list to check status; contact chapters to obtain any new information.
  • Phone Calls – Conduct fundraising phone calls for ORTL as needed. Must follow a script and utilize phone system at ORTL office. 
  • Folders – print and compile ORTL promotional materials for placement into folders. Must be done at ORTL office.

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