U.S. Senate

Frank LaRose 

Bernie Moreno 

U.S. House

District 2:

Shane Wilkin 

District 6:

Reggie Stoltzfus 

Michael Rulli

District 9:

Craig Riedel 

District 13:

Kevin Coughlin 

Chris Banweg

Ohio Senate

District 4:

George Lang 

District 10:

Kyle Koehler 

District 32:

Sandra O’Brien 

Ohio House

District 12:

Brian Stewart 

District 17:

Mike Dovilla  

District 29:

Cindy Abrams 

District 46:

Thomas Hall 

District 47:

Sara Carruthers 

District 54:

Kellie Deeter

District 56:

Adam Mathews 

District 61:

Beth Lear 

District 62:

Jean Schmidt 

District 65:

Dave Thomas 

District 66:

Sharon Ray 

District 69:

Kevin Miller 

District 72:

Gail Pavliga

District 75:

Haraz Ghanbari

District 77:

Meredith Craig 

Josh Hlavaty

Bill Albright 

District 83:

Jon Cross 

District 86:

Tracy Richardson 

District 89:

DJ Swearingen 

District 90:

Justin Pizzulli

District 94:

Kevin Ritter 

District 95:

Don Jones 

5th District Court of Appeals:

David Gormley 

Kevin Popham 

Rob Montgomery

Please also use and share the below candidate slate cards with your friends and family as you prepare to vote!


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