BREAKING: Ohio Right to Life’s Statement on Increase of Abortions During 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       CONTACT: Elizabeth Whitmarsh
DATE: Friday, September 30, 2022     PHONE: 614-547-0099 ext. 304

COLUMBUS, Ohio— Today, the Ohio Department of Health released the 2021 Ohio Induced Abortion Report, revealing a substantial increase in the number of abortions since 2020. A total of 21,813 abortions were reported, up from 20,605 in 2020. Abortions were overwhelmingly performed on Black women, with that demographic undergoing 43.3% percent of all abortions in Ohio. For reference, Black Ohioans comprise 12.4% of Ohio’s total population.

The report shows that abortions in Summit County alone have nearly doubled over the course of two years. In 2019, Summit County performed 1,899 abortions, compared to 2021 where there were a startling 3,551.

Due the fact that over 60% of abortions performed in 2021 were before 9 weeks of pregnancy, Ohio Right to Life expects the numbers during 2022 will have decreased substantially due to Ohio’s Heartbeat Law being in effect from June 24, 2022 to September 14, 2022.

The following statement can be attributed to Michael Gonidakis, President of Ohio Right to Life:

“It is disheartening to see such a significant loss of life in Ohio especially within our African American community. According to this report, 43.3% of all Ohio abortions were performed on African American women yet they make up approximately 10% of our state’s population. Tragically, abortion is becoming a predominant cause of death for African Americans babies. 

“As we pause to pray and mourn the deaths of these 21,813 babies, we must also continue our advocacy for life—ensuring women have access to health care, prenatal care, and other maternal services necessary to make life-affirming choices. We are confident that Ohioans are on the right track to ending abortion now that the United States Supreme Court has overturned Roe.  Ohio Right to Life will continue its pro-life advocacy in communities across the state and within the halls of our state government.”

To read the 2021 Ohio Abortion Report, click here.

Founded in 1967, Ohio Right to Life, with more than 35 chapters and local affiliates, is Ohio’s oldest and largest grassroots pro-life organization. Recognized as the flagship of the pro-life movement in Ohio, ORTL works through legislation and education to promote and defend innocent human life from conception to natural death. 



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