Abortion Lobby Argues Against Bill that Protects Babies from Genetic Discrimination


Another Day, Another Euphemism: Abortion Lobby Argues Against Bill that Protects Babies from Genetic Discrimination

On Wednesday, the House Health Committee heard opponent testimony against our Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act. NARAL and Planned Parenthood made it abundantly clear what they desire: abortion on demand.

In typical abortion lobby fashion, abortion activists completely disregarded the fact that there are actually two patients in a pregnancy, the mother and the child. Activists also completely ignored the blatant genetic discrimination that occurs against unborn children prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome.

The hearing was a reminder of how far the abortion lobby will go to cloak their cause in euphemism, making it a battle about “care” and “access” rather than what it is: the life or death of an unborn human being. One activist actually used the phrase “life-saving abortion care.” Never has there been a more ironic phrase, because abortion isn’t healthcare, and it always ends a human life.

Please stand with us as we faithfully fight back against the culture of death the abortion lobby brings, and join us in championing life.

Pro-Life Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine Stands Up to Protect the Unborn in Texas

This past week, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine signed on to an amicus brief being filed in Texas, along with five other state Attorneys General, standing up against the ACLU and other pro-abortion groups. The lawsuit involves an undocumented minor who was found trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. She is 14 weeks pregnant and requested an abortion when she got to the shelter she was placed at.

The ACLU is claiming that this young woman has a “constitutional right” to an abortion, regardless of the fact that she is here illegally. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton fears that if this lawsuit is found in favor of the ACLU, that Texas will become a “sanctuary state for abortions.”

Thank you, Attorney General DeWine for fighting to protect the unborn among us and for standing against the abortion lobby’s attempts to bring about abortion on demand!


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