An Open Letter to Mothers

Mothers, more than most, believe in the future.

They believe in expectation, in the value of each tiny life, and in the way that love makes life grow. They believe in embracing the unexpected, and in finding joy in the littlest things in life. They believe in sacrifice, in strength, in unapologetic beauty. Without motherhood, there is no Life. You are the keepers of something infinitely sacred. The gift of human Life.

Moms, you are weaving a lasting legacy. Every moment, no matter how short or how long, spent raising up and pouring into your children, matters. Everything you sacrifice for your kids comes back to reward you. A seed planted in your little one makes the world bloom later. Through the hard times, and the good, the triumphs and the heartache, you can find comfort in this: your motherhood matters.

Birth Moms. Adoptive Moms. Unexpected Moms. Planned Moms. Grieving Moms who have lost a child. Moms whose children are grown. You rise up to meet challenges many wouldn’t dare to face. You change the world with your compassion, generosity, and strength. You give of yourself to nourish the life of someone else. You devote yourself to sacrifice, gentleness and most radically, unconditional love.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for giving love and life to the littlest ones among us. Because of you, vulnerable life is protected, nurtured, and cherished. 

Your children rise up and call you blessed, and so do we.


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