Do Women Need Abortion?

Last night at the Golden Globes, actress Michelle Williams used her precious few moments of open mic space as she accepted her award to imply that without abortion, she would never have succeeded in life.

Sadly, this is a lie that the abortion industry has forced into women’s subconscious for decades. Instead of telling women all the reasons why they can succeed regardless of their circumstances, abortion tells women all the reasons why they can’t: Can’t keep their baby and finish their education. Can’t keep their baby and be responsible financially. Can’t keep their baby and achieve their dreams. Michelle Williams has sadly bought into the abortion industry’s lie that women need abortion. Desperately.

And she is simply another woman who has been blinded by this lie. Heartbreakingly, along with perhaps her own lost unborn child, she has become another victim of the fearmongering that abortion perpetuates. As she ended her speech, she urged women to vote “in your own self-interest” as if preserving and nurturing the life of an innocent child somehow [threatens] a woman’s intrinsic importance. Human dignity belongs to all. How hopeless it must be to feel that a defenseless child could ever be considered a threat.

Life, on the other hand, uplifts them both. For every condescending lecture about all the reasons why women aren’t capable enough to care for themselves and their children at the same time, there are countless pro-life advocates tirelessly lifting women up and helping them realize their inner strength. The pro-life movement is constantly empowering women to embrace their own potential and the potential of their unborn children. To help them build a future for themselves and their children so they can both truly succeed. These women are in work places and homes across the country, and even if we do not all get the platform of a glamorous Hollywood awards show, we know the truth: Abortion sells women the lie that we are weak. Life reminds us that we are strong.




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