2022 August 2nd Primary Election Endorsements


District 13
Kirsten Hill

District 17
Shane Wilkin

District 31
Al Landis


District 4
Jill Rudler

District 11
Omar Tarazi

District 14
Jolene Austin

District 17
Thomas Patton

District 30
Bill Seitz

District 45
Jennifer Gross

District 46
Thomas Hall

District 47
Sara Carruthers

District 53
Sara McGervey

District 55
Scott Lipps

District 56
Adam Mathews

District 61
Shawn Stevens
Beth Lear

 District 65
Mike Loychik

District 67
Melanie Miller

District 68
Mark Fraizer

District 70
Brian Lampton 

District 71
Bill Dean

District 82
Roy Klopfenstein

District 84
Angela King

District 85
Tim Barhorst

District 78
Susan Manchester

District 86
Tracy Richardson

District 90
Brian Baldridge

District 98
Darrell Kick


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