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Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States sided with the abortion industry in a 5-3 decision that struck down health and safety regulations for abortion facilities in Texas, a terrible loss for pro-life Americans everywhere.

Today, Ohio Right to Life commits to you that we will continue to fight tooth and nail against these atrocities. We refuse to take yesterday’s decision lying down, and we promise to continue to craft smarter and stronger legislation that protects fragile human lives from the curettes and vacuums of the abortion industry.

Will you help us take a stand against the onslaught of abortion-on-demand?

Today, Ohio’s health and safety regulations still stand, despite yesterday’s decision.

But the stakes just got higher in Ohio. Abortion advocates are threatening to sue the state of Ohio based on yesterday’s ruling. (Click here to read article.)

Their lawsuit won’t stand–but only if there is a strong opposition at the ready to take down their tired talking points and expose them for the hypocritical, profit-driven industry that they are.


Ohio Right to Life is that opposition. You are that opposition. Together, we will stand as a wall against Big Abortion’s efforts to expand unfettered abortion-on-demand without apology and without regulation.

Will you give $25, $50 or even $100 right now as an act of resistance to the Supreme Court’s appalling decision and the abortion industry’s shameless attacks on human life?

If you look at the course of the last several years, human life has been winning here in Ohio. With 17 new pro-life laws, a 25 percent decrease in abortions, and half the number of abortion facilities in our state closed, we have to keep pushing forward.

Now is not the time to stay down. We must rise and fight for the most precious right, the right to life.

Will you stand up? Will you give?


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