Governor John Kasich Provides Insurance Coverage to Children with Autism

Governor’s plan provides financial relief and safety net for Ohio families

(COLUMBUS) – Today pro-life Governor John Kasich announced a new policy which expands insurance coverage and services for children with autism.  Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States and Kasich’s new compassionate plan ensures that families will have the ability to care for their special needs children.  The Governor’s initiative provides financial relief for many Ohio families and extended families as they cope with providing complex health care and other support for their children.


“During this Christmas season, we can think of no better gift to so many Ohioans than Governor Kasich’s new policy.  These very special children and their families can now have the peace of mind knowing that the state of Ohio and its citizens support them and will do what is necessary to ensure that health care is available to them regardless of socio-economic status,” said Mike Gonidakis, President of Ohio Right to Life.  “It is the awesome responsibility for all of us to help those in need and simply put, Governor Kasich is leading by example.” 

Ohio Right to Life proudly endorses the Kasich Administration’s continued effort to help women, children and families in need.  Today’s announcement ensures that moms and dads and other primary caregivers for these very special children have a true safety net and a much needed helping hand.  Pro-life policies such as these ensure a culture of life and compassion will continue to expand in the state of Ohio.


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