Governor Kasich Signs Open Adoption Records Legislation

Birth Parents Allowed 15 Months to Redact Names


Governor Kasich signs S.B. 23.

COLUMBUS, Ohio–Today, pro-life Governor Kasich signed the Adult Adoptees Open Records Bill (Sub.  S.B. 23) into law. This new law will enable all individuals adopted between the years 1964 through 1996 to their access original birth certificates as well as their social and medical history records. As outlined in the law, these records will be available to adult adoptees after a 15 month grace period to allow birth parents who wish to remain anonymous to have their names redacted from these files. All adoptions from 1964-1996 were closed adoptions.  


“Ohio Right to Life supports this new law as it provides vital personal records to adults who have been adopted. However, we urge birth parents who wish to keep their identities confidential to redact their names  immediately from the official documents,” said Kayla Smith, Ohio Right to Life Director of Legislative Affairs. “Promises regarding confidentiality were made to birth parents from 1964 to 1996 and we intend to see that those promises are kept.”


Governor Kasich discusses his support for H.B. 307, Ohio Right to Life’s Adoption Reform Legislation.


Historically, Ohio Right to Life did not support such legislation because it posed a potential risk to birth parents’ confidentiality. However, due to a positive shift in society’s acceptance of open adoption, and with the advancements of today’s technological access, any potential risk of such legislation has become less an issue. For more information on how to protect birth parents’ privacy, please email our office at [email protected]





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