Gubernatorial candidates court the pro-life vote


Last Friday, gubernatorial candidates AG Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Mary Taylor met with pro-life leaders at Ohio Right to Life’s Statewide Collaborative to court their vote for Governor in 2018.

group_photos.jpgThe forum presented an opportunity for Ohio’s pro-life leaders to ask the candidates questions and engage in dialogue on the sanctity of human life. Both candidates have strong pro-life credentials and assured voters that they would continue Ohio’s phenomenal track record of enacting pro-life laws. Secretary of State Jon Husted and Congressman Jim Renacci, who are also running as pro-life candidates on the Republican ticket, met with the Ohio Right to Life Board of Trustees during the summer, making similar commitments to Ohio’s pro-life voting block.

Pro-life State Auditor Dave Yost, who is running for Attorney General, also met with the Ohio Right to Life Board of Trustees on Friday, sharing his lifelong commitment to defending human life. 

Friends, we say it every year: Elections have consequences, and where our issue is concerned, those consequences can be fatal. 

In the last seven years, Ohio Right to Life has seen 19 pro-life initiatives signed into law. Half of the state’s abortion facilities have closed or curtailed services, and abortions have dropped by more than 25 percent! In 2018, we have to keep the momentum going!

To do so, we’re going to need brave pro-life leaders at every level of government. All four candidates for governor have made robust commitments to continue signing strong pro-life laws. As Attorney General, Dave Yost says he will defend those laws.

As 2018 draws closer, keep an eye on your email as we continue to send out videos, comparisons, and other highlights of pro-life candidates. Once again, we’re facing a critical election year and will be counting on you to help get out the pro-life vote!

Check out more photos from the Collaborative on our Facebook page.

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5_tysk_May_2016_e.jpgThe 2018 Election is a year away, but Susan B. Anthony List is wasting no time. Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown and his radical pro-abortion leanings have to go, and SBA List is on the front line, knocking doors all across Ohio. They hope to knock on 1 million doors by next year’s election. But they can’t do it without your help!

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