Heartbeat Informed Consent Act Introduced in U.S. House of Representatives

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CONTACT: Rachel Schlater
DATE: Wednesday, October 12, 2011
PHONE: (614) 547-0099 ext. 309

(COLUMBUS, OH) – With the support of the nation’s premier pro-life organizations, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann recently introduced the Heartbeat Informed Consent Act of 2011. This heartbeat bill will serve as a guidepost for model legislation for all 50 state legislatures to pursue and enhance informed consent laws, which protect mothers and save babies.  The landmark legislation will require abortion providers to make the heartbeat of an unborn child visible and audible to its mother as part of her informed consent, which we know will save more lives.

“A pregnant woman who enters an abortion clinic is faced with a decision that will forever change two lives. That’s why she must have the very best information with which to make that decision,” said Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  “A study by Focus on the Family found that when women who were undecided about having an abortion were shown an ultrasound image of the baby, 78% chose life,” said Bachmann.

Of the numerous co-sponsors, five of the Ohio congressional delegation signed on as original co-sponsors to include:  Bob Latta, Steve Austria, Jean Schmidt, Bob Gibbs and Bill Johnson.

“After months and countless hours of research by this national pro-life working group, the federal bill delivers the heartbeat message with great clarity and will withstand any judicial challenge, which means we can save lives now,” said Marshal Pitchford, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Ohio Right to Life Society.  “Ohio Right to Life is proud to partner with groups such as the Catholic ChurchNational Right to Life and Americans United for Life to pursue an end to abortion through meaningful legislation which will soon be introduced in legislatures across the county,” said Pitchford.  “This bill is evidence of a national trend and joint strategy, and we are proud to be a part of the leadership team.” 

The following national pro-life organizations offered the following comments regarding the federal heartbeat bill: 

National Right to Life – “We commend you for working to ensure that the technology that allows us to see and hear an unborn child’s heartbeat is used to benefit women by making them more fully informed.”

Family Research Council – “…it is only logical that a patient be fully informed as to the specifics of what she is about to undergo, being afforded the opportunity to observe or listen to the heartbeat of the unborn within her own body.”

American’s United for Life – “This bill provides concrete, positive and effective steps for Congress to protect women’s health.”

Susan B. Anthony List – “The Heartbeat Informed Consent Act is about trusting women and assuring that they have access to accurate, real-time information relevant to the decision they are facing.”

Heartbeat International – “We support your legislation calling for the ultrasound option before consenting to abortion because it will give each woman the opportunity to see for herself that 22 days after conception her baby’s heart is beating.”

Endorsement letters are available from the above-referenced organizations by clicking here. 

Ohio Right to Life thanks its participating affiliated chapters and the Statewide Advisory Council for its assistance and support in helping with this process. 


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