How to Vote with Secretary of State Frank LaRose

The 2020 Ohio Primary Election Deadline is rapidly approaching! With the COVID-19 crisis forcing Ohioans to adapt our lives in creative ways to combat the virus, this year’s primary election is now completely through mail, as the absentee ballot period has been still extended through Tuesday, April 28th. The deadline to vote is almost upon us, and it is still vitally important that our pro-life voices are heard this election. 

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose graciously took some time to talk with me earlier this week about this year’s primary election and how Ohioans can still make their voice heard and ensure their vote is counted in these unprecedented times. You can watch our conversation here.

As the preciousness of human life is at the forefront of all of our minds during this time of crisis, don’t forget to be a voice for the voiceless this primary election. Lives depend on your vote. 

Protect the vulnerable. Save lives. Vote Pro-Life. 

 For Life,


Stephanie Ranade Krider 
Vice President


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