Hyde turns 40!

Today is a big day for pro-life taxpayers: The Hyde amendment turns 40, marking 40 years of bipartisan policy that has shielded taxpayers from covering abortions through Medicaid!

For the last 40 years, this policy has protected our conscience rights as taxpayers and saved children from abortion. Our friends at the Charlotte Lozier Institute estimate that the Hyde amendment has saved 2 million lives since 1976!


Disturbingly, as we celebrate the Hyde amendment’s birthday and its life-saving effects, there are plans for its repeal among Democratic politicians. In July, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party adopted a platform which calls for the repeal of the Hyde amendment, betraying and marginalizing 21 million pro-life Democrats.

And in August, the Columbus Dispatch reported that Ted Strickland supports this radical new platform as well. 

Katie, we can’t make this stuff up: In plain language, the Democratic Party has told you that they will send your hard-earned dollars to the abortion industry. As a nonpartisan entity who cherishes our relationships with pro-life Democrats, we hate to see this happen. But we would be entirely remiss not to tell you how increasingly radicalized the party has become on the issue of abortion.

If you haven’t done so already, please sign the Pledge to Vote Pro-life and make a commitment to electing pro-life leaders in November!

Together, the pro-life movement must save Hyde and ensure that our rights stand for another 40 years!

You can be a part of this effort by heading over to ohiovotesforlife.org. Our PAC site is full of comparison piecesballot cards, and our endorsements for the General Election on November 8.

This November, join us in the national push to save Hyde and save lives by voting pro-life!


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