Kasich Approves Policy to Improve Women’s Access to Care

Governor Kasich Stands for Health Care for Women and Their Unborn Children


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(COLUMBUS) – Governor John Kasich approved a new policy Tuesday that will grant pregnant women in need earlier access to Medicaid, making it easier to receive prenatal care. A faster route to coverage will now be offered to women for whom a lack of prenatal care could threaten the life of her unborn child.

“Governor Kasich has consistently displayed his dedication to expectant mothers and their unborn children and this is an extension of that commitment to life,” said Mike Gonidakis, President of Ohio Right to Life. “This is a great display of how the state can provide health care options to women and empower them to become strong mothers of healthy babies.” 

Under current policy, women who are likely to be eligible for Medicaid can receive services for 60 days while they wait for their Medicaid application to be processed, but the request often takes the majority of that time to be approved, leaving the mother without adequate support.  

Governor Kasich’s new policy will eliminate the requirement for pregnant women and children to apply at the county job and family services office and allow them to instead receive approval directly through their health care provider. Children’s hospitals, federally qualified health centers, community action agencies and other providers will now be able to address the needs of expectant mothers more quickly.  

Ohio Right to Life commends Governor John Kasich for his unwavering support of mothers and children, and supports him in his effort to defend life. 


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