Life Reimagined: A Look Back at 2016

At Ohio Right to Life, we are constantly seeking new ways to reimagine the world we know: to innovate new legislative strategies, to forge new partnerships, and to push ourselves to reach one more heart, one more mind. With the close of 2016, it seems like our opportunities to reimagine our world have dramatically expanded.

Annual_Report_2016_Cover_-_Click_to_download.pngIn November, pro-life America won the White House and held onto Congress, saving the Supreme Court from Hillary Clinton. Pro-life Ohio not only maintained super majorities in the Ohio House and Senate, we also picked up a seat in each chamber.

In the last six years, with pro-life leadership at the helm, Ohio has significantly enhanced the protections we afford to the vulnerable. Ohio Right to Life has successfully advocated for the passage of 18 pro-life laws, and abortions have decreased by 25 percent! Imagine what we can do in the next two years. Imagine what our country can do in the next four. We have significant work ahead of us. And as we reimagine our state and country’s future, Ohio Right to Life is taking special care to finish the legislative path we started.

Now, it is our pleasure to share with you our 2016 Year-End Report. Inside you will find a year-full of legislative, grassroots, political and educational advocacy. What we believe this year-end report demonstrates is how thoroughly we have searched our minds and hearts to reimagine LIFE in 2016 and to grow our community of life-affirming Ohioans. 

If you feel compelled to help Ohio Right to Life in the great task of reimagining LIFE here in Ohio, please consider making a gift today. Over 20,000 abortions occur in Ohio ever year. The need is great.

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Thank you for your continued support which has enabled Ohio Right to Life to lead the fight for life in 2016. This year-end report truly is a testament to your generosity.


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