March for Life 2021

As you have probably already heard, the 2021 National March for Life has been moved to an entirely online format due to health and safety concerns. Although this decision is heartbreaking to so many, myself included, the protection of life is what our movement was founded upon, and must remain our focus as we move ahead in these unprecedented times.  

Looking forward, it is vital for our movement to stay strong, and even more importantly, to stay together. The next few years will be hard, but we are tough. What we are fighting for, the right for defenseless babies to not be violently killed, is worth seeing to the end.

This year, we have an opportunity like no other. As the most pro-abortion administration in our nation’s history takes the helm of our federal government, we have the chance to rally for life in our very communities. We can show those closest to us that no matter the challenges, Ohio protects life. 

This year, get involved in your community. Make a difference for the vulnerable babies in YOUR neighborhood, YOUR town, and YOUR state. Last year, we lost over 20,000 babies to abortion in Ohio. In their memory, we keep fighting. Ohio will not let a culture of death flourish here. 

To find a local march for life event, click here. I am updating this list every day, so please continue to check back for new events.

To get your free Pro-Life Ohio signs, click here. You can use these for events, rallies, or even just to show off your Pro-Life Ohio pride. 

To find a local Right to Life chapter in your area, click here. Joining a Right to Life chapter is a great way to get connected with local pro-life champions and impact your community for life! 

The pro-life movement will not be daunted, and we will never stop advocating for life. This fight is never easy, but it has always been worth it. The lives of innocent babies and the fates of women in crisis hang in the balance. We will not falter. There is too much at stake. We WILL end abortion.

It’s time to move forward in bold new ways, and we’re starting right here in Ohio. 

Are you with us? 

For Life,

Allie Frazier
Director of Communications


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