Media Statement: Ohio Right to Life Responds to ACLU Press Conference

ACLU Attacks the Right to Life of Those with Down Syndrome

DATE: Thursday, February 15, 2018     PHONE: 614-547-0099 ext. 304

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Today, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against Ohio Right to Life’s Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act, legislation that would protect babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome from discriminatory abortion. 

The following statement can be attributed to Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life:

The ACLU of Ohio claims on their website that they “seek to preserve civil liberties for each new generation.” Their blatant and continuous attacks on the dignity and sanctity of human life make it clear that they do not care for the youngest of each new generations: the unborn. 

Today, they have come out against the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act which would protect unborn babies from discriminatory abortions. It is a shame that an organization that claims to be the very biggest and best at defending victims of discrimination completely disregards the most vulnerable members of our society who are being discriminated against. The ACLU is hurting Ohio by constantly suing to further an extremist agenda. 

Ohio Right to Life will continue to fight to protect vulnerable Ohioans from discrimination and the violence of abortion.



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