Honoring their memory this Memorial Day

This coming Monday, all across America, people will come together to observe Memorial Day. Although this Memorial Day may look different than it has in years past, the message of this important holiday remains just as relevant and just as vital.

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who gave everything to defend our country and protect innocent lives. This day reminds us that life is sacred, valued, and worth risking everything for. It reminds us of the countless men and women of our military who, regardless of obstacles and danger, fought bravely on behalf of those they didn’t even know. They gave their own lives for the safety and security of others, and in their sacred sacrifice lies a challenge for us all. The selfless example of the men and women who paid the ultimate price for what they believed in invigorates us in our own battle to protect life.

They inspire us to fight harder and live more intentionally to protect innocent lives. In the fight against abortion, we must never lose heart. We must always push forward bravely and without fear. With selflessness, with conviction, and with love, we must do everything possible to ensure that all life, from conception to natural death, is safeguarded. 

When we value life, we honor the memory and live out the legacy of all those who have given everything to protect it. We carry on the fight of the brave men and women of our military who gave their own lives for the lives of others.

Their sacrifice for our county and for innocent life will never be forgotten. Their legacy lives on in the hearts of everyone who, in remembering their example, chooses to give fully of themselves for the sake of those who cannot fight for themselves.

 For Life,


Stephanie Ranade Krider 
Vice President


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