Ohio Right to Life Releases Statement Supporting Legislative Veto Override of HB 68 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       CONTACT: Rachel del Guidice 

DATE: Monday, January 8, 2024     EMAIL: rdelguidice@ohiolife.org

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Today, Ohio Right to Life released a statement supporting the legislative veto override of HB 68. 

On Friday, December 29, 2023, Governor DeWine vetoed House Bill 68, which included both the Save Adolescents from Experimentation Act (SAFE) and the Save Women’s Sports Act. In a press conference that same day, the Governor acknowledged a failure to consider the Save Women’s Sports portion of the bill and characterized his veto (based on the SAFE Act portion of the bill) as pro-life: “To me, it’s a question of life and protecting human life.” 

It is indisputable that each human being is made in the image of our Creator and endowed with inherent dignity. It is a fundamental responsibility of the government to defend vulnerable groups – especially children – from predatory conduct and harmful treatment. Where H.B. 68 aligns with these truths, we believe the legislation is in harmony with and does not offend the pro-life perspective.

Ohio Right to Life is disappointed that the Governor invoked his pro-life views as a defense for his veto decision when pro-life parties in support of the bill can just as easily claim the best way to help suicidal youth dealing with complex mental and physical issues is to enact this bill. In fact, the legislative history shows that many pro-life advocates actively supported this bill out of concern for the integrity of human life – and the human body – as well as awareness of painful regret expressed in testimony of those who fell victim to these experimental medical procedures. 

We thus strongly disagree with any misinformed assertion that a “pro-life” viewpoint either requires or justifies opposition to the legislation passed by the General Assembly. 

Accordingly, Ohio Right to Life supports a legislative veto override and our organization does not believe that a vote cast in support of an override should in any way be categorized as “not pro-life.”

Notwithstanding this, we hope Governor DeWine continues to pursue his administrative remedies – which include long-overdue data collection within this experimental medical field – in the event of a court injunction following an override. All prudent steps must be taken to protect life.



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