Ohio Right to Life Announces African-American Advisory Council

Pro-life African-American leaders to provide strategic counsel

(COLUMBUS) – Today, Ohio Right to Life announced the creation of its statewide African-American Advisory Council. This Council consists of pro-life African-Americans from all across Ohio. Their mission is to assist ORTL with the development and implementation of effective strategies designed to reduce the abortion rate in the African-American community.   

Minorities have consistently been targeted by the abortion industry leading to disproportionate numbers of aborted babies in their respective communities. Last year, 39 percent of abortions were performed on African-American women, though they make up much less than 10 percent of Ohio’s population. According to the Center for Disease Control data, abortion is the leading cause of death among African-American babies.

“We are honored and excited to launch this strategic Council dedicated to outreach within minority  communities. Our Council’s goal is to provide leadership to tackle this on-going tragedy head-on.” said Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life.

ORTL’s Executive Director, John Coats, is tasked with establishing and chairing this Council. Through the work of this Council, he anticipates greater African-American participation in the pro-life movement.    


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