Ohio Right to Life Annual Meeting Announcement


Pursuant to the Code of Regulations of the Ohio Right to Life Society, the purpose of this memorandum is to provide formal written notice of the time and place for the annual meeting of Ohio Right to Life Society.  Please know that this annual meeting is limited only to members of the Ohio Right to Life Society and registering for the meeting is required.    

What:         Ohio Right to Life 2010 Annual Meeting

When:         Friday, November 5th, 2010 at 6 p.m.
Where:                Vineyard Columbus Church *
                           6000 Cooper Road
                           Westerville, OH 43081

* Please note the location has changed from previous years. For a Map of Vineyard Church, CLICK HERE
* Buffet dinner is included at no charge to members 


The annual meeting is an opportunity to interact with others in the pro-life movement and to learn more about ORTL activities past, present and future.  One primary purpose of the annual meeting is for ORTL members to assist with setting the direction for the organization, electing directors to the ORTL Board of Trustees and to recognize outstanding member and chapter activities.

Further, the annual meeting serves as an opportunity to hear from ORTL members who wish to address various pro-life topics.  The annual meeting allows the ORTL management to update all members regarding advancements of Ohio’s pro-life movement during 2010 and to introduce new initiatives for 2011.  The members of ORTL will also have the opportunity to vote on a slate of Member Trustees for re-election and election to the ORTL Board of Trustees to include:

Brian Arnold
Laurie Elsass
Kevin Kelly
Patrick Kunklier
Nancy Petro
Rodney Schuster
Scott Wiggam
Lori Willmann

  • Members in good standing must RSVP by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, October 19th in order to participate and to secure a seat. Email [email protected] with your contact information: name, address and phone number.  Specify in the subject line of the email “Annual Meeting Registration.”
  • If you have any questions about the annual meeting, please contact Erin Cain at [email protected] or by calling (614)-547-0099 ext. 302.


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