Ohio Right to Life Society’s 2012 Annual Meeting Summary

Congressman Jim Jordan offers hope and inspiration for 2013

The Ohio Right to Life Society’s annual meeting was a huge success! Over 1,000 grassroots members participated in our first-ever Teletown Hall. Following the invocation by ORTL’s Executive Director Rev. John Coats, President Mike Gonidakis along with Board Chair Marshall Pitchford continued the meeting with an encouraging and heartfelt greeting.

ORTL’s guest of honor, pro-life Congressman Jim Jordan, presented a comprehensive overview of the pro-life movement and its recent successes in America. Jordan quickly acknowledged and gave thanks for ORTL’s efforts in keeping the pro-life movement aggressive along with every supporter, member and volunteer involved. After mentioning various positive victories, not only in Ohio, but across the country, Jordan emphasized that “truth always wins in the end.”

Congressman Jordan encouraged participants to strive to be “happy warriors”–warriors who present the truth with a smile and who know that the truth is on their side. Looking ahead to 2013, Jordan encouraged ORTL and the pro-life movement to continue “to keep the good faith, stay focused and good things will happen.”

The Congressman continued his speech reminding Ohioans that in lieu of Barack Obama’s re-election, Ohio continued to remain a pro-life state. Congressman Jordan counseled ORTL to strive to keep up the good work and he stated that if the mainstream media isn’t saying anything bad about you, then you are not doing anything good.

Wrapping up our 2012 annual meeting was ORTL’s Legislative Director Stephanie Krider who recounted the many legislative successes ORTL has seen in Ohio within the past two years. Krider assured the participants that 2013 promises aggressive and full legislative action.

In closing, election instructions were presented for a slate of Member Trustees and the Chairman, Pitchford, ended on a note of humility and gratitude.

Thank you to the 1,000-plus members who participated in our annual meeting. May God bless each of you this Christmas season.


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