ORTL Legislation Protects Parental Rights

Overwhelming majority of the Ohio House of Representatives votes in favor of ORTL bill

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DATE: Wednesday, March 16, 2011                                        PHONE:(614) 547-0099 ext. 309

(COLUMBUS, OH) – Ohio Right to Life’s H.B. 63, the Judicial Bypass legislation, was voted out of the House of Representatives yesterday with an overwhelming 64 to 33 bipartisan vote – nearly three quarters of the members of the house. This pro-life legislation now heads to the Ohio Senate for additional hearings. 

“Ohioans know that parental consent laws save lives,” said Mike Gonidakis, Executive Director for Ohio Right to Life. “We are trying very hard to preserve parents’ ability to help their daughters when they are confronted with the challenges of teenage pregnancy.  A recent study proved that responsible parental consent laws reduce the minor abortion rate by 18.7 percent.”

Current Ohio law states that parental consent is required before a minor can obtain an abortion, but a loophole exists which allows judges to bypass parental involvement and allow a minor to obtain an abortion.  H.B. 63, which is sponsored by Rep. Ron Young (R-Leroy) and Rep. Lynn Slaby (R-Copley), puts an end to this “rubber-stamp” judicial approval. On behalf of all pro-life Ohioans, we would like to thank Representatives Young and Slaby, along with Speaker of the House Bill Batchelder for his support and leadership by passing pro-life legislation.

The strong support received for H.B. 63 highlights that the state of Ohio has the capacity to become a pro-life state while it continues to initiate responsible and compassionate legislation.  Ohio Right to Life thanks the many representatives who continue to take a stand for women and the unborn.

Even while the bill is progressing with momentum, ORTL encourages all members to continue to urge our elected officials in the Senate to stand with Ohio and support this life-saving legislation. To find your State Senator, click HERE.


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