This Week’s Pro-Life Update!

In the midst of these uncertain times, the fight for life persists! We at Ohio Right to Life have been hard at work, tirelessly advocating for the protection of the most vulnerable in our society. Check out this week’s Pro-Life Update! 

President Trump Unveils Pro-Life Priorities










Earlier this month President Trump unveiled his list of pro-life policy priorities if re-elected. In a letter to pro-life leaders on September 3rd, the President outlined what steps he will take to protect the unborn and end abortion in his second term. Such priorities include continuing to appoint strong, pro-life judges to the courts and defunding abortion giant Planned Parenthood. President Trump also underlined his commitment to ensuring that vital pieces of pro-life legislation like the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act can be passed on the federal level. 

President Trump’s continued commitment to life should come as no surprise, given the impressive strides his administration has achieved with pro-life policies over the last four years. Within a week of taking office in 2017, President Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy which protects taxpayer dollars from funding abortion overseas. This pro-life momentum has remained consistent through the following years of President Trump’s term. In 2019, President Trump successfully stripped Planned Parenthood of $60 million by strengthening Title X requirements and in 2020 he became the first U.S. President in history to attend the March for Life. 

To read the President’s full letter, click here.

Event Reminder: Kennedy and French for a Pro-Life Bench!

From the U.S. Supreme Court’s fateful decision in Roe v. Wade to the battle for our Heartbeat Bill, one thing is incredibly clear: judges matter. Tomorrow, Ohio Right to Life will kick off our final Kennedy and French for a Pro-Life Bench Tele-Townhall! We invite you to join Ohio Right to Life for this final Tele-Townhall with Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judi French!

This event offers an unique opportunity to hear directly from one of our Ohio Supreme Court Justices as she discusses the rule of law and our constitution. 

Tomorrow’s event is free, but we recommend you register in advance. 

To register for Justice French’s Tele-Townhall, click here.

We hope you can come!  

Pro-Life Ohio Votes: Request Your Absentee Ballot! 








Did you know that the 2020 election is only 49 days away?  In a few short weeks, Ohio will vote in an election that will change the course of the pro-life movement forever. It is critical that all of Pro-Life Ohio is able to cast their vote for Life safely and securely! 

Voting by absentee ballot is a quick and easy way to make your pro-life voice heard and ensure your vote is counted! To vote by absentee simply….

  • Send in or drop off your ballot to be counted! 

The deadline to register to vote is October 5, and the deadline to vote by absentee ballot is October 31st. For information, go to

Make sure you’re ready to vote pro-life first! 

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