PolitiFact Ohio Proves Senator Portman’s Statement ‘TRUE’

Abortion clinics market services to minors in states with parental consent laws

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Today, The Cleveland Plain Dealer released an article by PolitiFact Ohio rating U.S. Senator Rob Portman’s recent claim, that out-of-state abortion clinics “have marketed their services to minors” in states with parental consent laws, ‘TRUE’ on the Truth-O-Meter.  

Last week, Senator Rob Portman introduced, the Child Custody Protection Act, legislation which would make it a federal offense to transport a minor across a state line for an abortion if it would circumvent a state law requiring parental involvement in that minor’s decision.  

According to PolitiFact’s article, there is proof of paid-for and sponsored ads targeting minors to receive an abortion from a state where “parental consent is not required.”

PolitiFact states, “It appeared that Portman was correct…that some abortion clinics in states that don’t have parental-consent laws were informing minors in other states of their parental-consent options.”

In reference to the ad language, PolitiFact states, “….Whether it was to help persuade them to come in or not, it provided pertinent facts that could help them in their decision-making. It fit the definition of marketing. We rate Portman’s claim True.”

Ohio Right to Life supports Senator Portman’s Child Custody Protection Act, which would prevent these deceptive acts by the abortion industry and would protect American families. Further, Ohio Right to Life thanks The Cleveland Plain Dealer and PolitiFact Ohio for exposing the truth about the abortion industry.

To read the article click here .


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