Pro-life Gov. John Kasich Announces Bid for President of the United States

Today, at the Ohio Union at The Ohio State University, Governor John Kasich announced that he is running for President of the United States!

In light of this exciting announcement, we wanted to celebrate Governor Kasich’s tremendous pro-life leadership over the last five years. 

Ohio Right to Life is committed to seeing the election of a pro-life president in 2016–especially in our key battleground state.

We hope this announcement energizes you for Election 2016, and that you’ll take a moment to forward this to your friends and family. Today, we couldn’t be prouder to call John Kasich our Governor.

(As an additional reminder of what a solid pro-life leader Gov. Kasich is, check out last fall’s phenomenal election results here–and bear in mind that his opponent drove the war-on-women talking point into the ground, selecting a former Planned Parenthood board member as his running mate!)



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