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Second District Court of Appeals Upholds Women’s Med Center’s License Revocation by Ohio Department of Health

If you’ve felt like your head is spinning because of all the momentum and action in the pro-life movement in Ohio, you’re not the only one! A few weeks ago, we sent out a big update hitting a few important things that had happened across the movement in March. One of those was that the 2nd District Court of Appeals held oral arguments on whether Women’s Med Center should be closed or not because they are operating outside the bounds of Ohio law. We predicted that we’d hear the decision in this case in a few months. 

The 2nd District shocked us by handing down the decision just two weeks after oral arguments were heard! The Court found that the Ohio Department of Health has the ability to revoke or not renew a license based on an entity’s lack of adherence to revised or administrative code. This means the Court found that when the Ohio Department of Health revoked the license of Women’s Med Center back in 2015, they had the right to do so. You can read the full decision here.

We fully expect that Women’s Med Center will appeal this ruling to the Supreme Court, using the same delay tactics they have long relied upon to continue to prey upon Ohio women and babies. This decision is important, though, because it upholds the authority of the Ohio Department of Health to hold abortion clinics to a standard of health and safety that they often struggle to meet.

Want to get involved?

In the wake of New York legalizing abortion up to and through the ninth month of pregnancy, and the other states that are on its tail, we have had people calling and emailing us asking how they can get involved in all that Ohio’s pro-life movement is doing right now. Here are a few key ways:

1. Sign up to volunteer! We don’t always have volunteer needs, but we do appreciate having a database of volunteers to call on when those needs crop up. As summer looms, we are preparing for our booth at the Ohio State Fair and will need volunteers to cover shifts at the booth.


2. Reach out to your local pregnancy resource center! PRCs frequently need volunteers who can give of their time and talents to help women in need. Whether that’s staffing a boutique, doing some landscaping, or stuffing mailers, there is almost always a need for volunteers. Use our pregnancy resource center map to find a center near you!


3. Go see Unplanned in theaters! Unplanned, the true story of Abby Johnson’s conversion from a Planned Parenthood clinic director to a pro-life advocate is incredibly powerful, and it shows abortion for what it truly is. Take a pro-choice friend to see it at a theater near you.




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