Pro-Life Women Launch New TV Ad in Columbus

Pro-Life Ad Targets President Obama’s Extreme Abortion Agenda

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(COLUMBUS, OH) – Today, Ohio Right to Life joined the nationally known pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony List to debut a new television ad running statewide in Ohio. This new commercial exposes President Obama’s extreme position on abortion and his opposition to legislation providing equal treatment to babies born alive after a failed abortion. 

“Women in Ohio have heard enough of Obama’s tired talking points claiming that he is the candidate who will stand for them,” said Stephanie Krider, Director of Legislative Affairs for Ohio Right to Life. “We have seen Obama’s over-the-top agenda to promote abortion. This new ad highlights that the same Obama who fought for the neglect of newborn children is flaunting empty compassion to entice women voters.”

Stephanie Krider joined SBA List’s Mallory Quigley along with abortion survivor Melissa Ohden and nurse Jill Stanek, both featured in the new ad. The new ad will run on all three local Columbus networks during the local news broadcasts and before the Vice Presidential debate this evening.

This week the Women Speak Out PAC, the super PAC of the Susan B. Anthony List, also ran spots entitled “How will you answer?” and “Abortion Radical” concentrated in the media markets of Columbus, Cleveland-Akron, Dayton, and Youngstown, as part of a more than $875,000 television ad campaign in multiple swing states. The ad revealed today will be incorporated into the campaign. 

Recently released polling data from the SBA List shows that President Obama loses support from likely swing voters once they are educated on his extreme abortion record. A majority of swing voters (54%) are less likely to vote for President Obama after learning that he voted against a law to give equal treatment to babies born alive after a failed abortion (35% much less likely). Key voter groups were also negatively impacted including independents (46%) and pro-choicers (43%).

Ohio Right to Life thanks the Susan B. Anthony List for creating the ad and encourages all of its members to learn about Obama’s extreme abortion agenda and share the information before election day. 


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