Protest Planned Parenthood this Saturday!

It’s a great time to be pro-life in Ohio. This Saturday alone there are 11 pro-life protests at Planned Parenthood facilities across the state!

These protests offer you the perfect opportunity to get involved and keep Planned Parenthood’s atrocities in the spotlight! Protests will be taking place from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in AkronBedford HeightsCantonCincinnatiColumbusDaytonLorainMansfieldToledoWoosterYoungstown.

Undoubtedly, Planned Parenthood’s public image has taken a hard hit. They are weaker than we’ve ever seen them, leaving us with a powerful educational opportunity–an opportunity to show our neighbors the gruesome truth of who Planned Parenthood is!

Will you join Ohio Right to Life and various other pro-life groups in taking a stand against Planned Parenthood and for the protection of all human life? Together, we can show a united front against the abortion industry! Visit our website to find a protest near you or visit to learn more about the national movement.



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