Ohio Right to Life Hosts Ohio Supreme Court Justices

From the U.S. Supreme Court’s fateful decision in Roe v. Wade to the battle for our Heartbeat Bill, one thing is incredibly clear: judges matter. Without judges who respect their limited role, Ohio’s pro-life protections for the most vulnerable are at risk by activist judges who would enshrine abortion in our state laws. In order for life to succeed in Ohio we must have dedicated judges who will embrace the dignity of every human life. 

With that in mind, we invite you to join Ohio Right to Life for two special Tele-Townhalls with Ohio Supreme Court Justices Sharon Kennedy and Judi French. Each event offers an unique opportunity to hear directly from our Ohio Supreme Court Justices as they discuss the rule of law and our constitution. This event allows you to ask questions of both justices regarding the supreme court and the upcoming election.  

Details for each event are as follows:

Both events are free, but we recommend you register in advance. 

To register for Justice Kennedy’s Tele-Townhall, click here.

To register for Justice French’s Tele-Townhall, click here.

As we continue to press forward in Ohio to protect life in our courts and beyond, we hope you’ll join us in getting to know both Justices Kennedy and French at our special events.   


For Life,

Jessica Warner

Director of Legislative Affairs


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