URGENT: Telemedicine Abortion Ban Update

Today, is an exciting day for Pro-Life Ohio as our vital pro-life legislation moves forward in the Ohio Statehouse, specifically Senate Bill 260, the Telemedicine Abortion Ban.

This critical piece of pro-life legislation would ban the use of telemedicine for providing chemical abortions- something that Planned Parenthood has already admitted they are doing. Since last year Ohio Right to Life has worked tirelessly to enact the Telemedicine Abortion Ban and it is scheduled to be voted out of the Ohio House today!

We also wanted to let you know that we are opposed to the amendments that may be proposed during session today as they have the potential to defeat this legislation entirely. Today is the last day of session, and these amendments were brought forth at the eleventh hour- two days ago- without time for them to be thoroughly vetted.

Although well-meaning, they have the potential to give Planned Parenthood a legal argument to take to court. Sadly, the Ohio Supreme Court is no longer pro-life and in fact is very much a pro-abortion court. We can no longer rely on the highest court in our state to support pro-life laws. The Telemedicine Abortion Ban is too important to jeopardize it going into effect. We have to remain focused and be as effective as possible.

Simply put – for the past 3 years Planned Parenthood has performed telemedicine abortions in Ohio and will continue to if we don’t pass this bill. If we don’t stop this now Planned Parenthood will have an open door to kill more babies each year.

As always, thank you for your strong support of life. We will end abortion in Ohio, and passing the Telemedicine Abortion Ban is a huge step towards our shared goal in saving innocent lives.

For Life,

Jessica Warner

Director of Legislative Affairs


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