The Grace of Motherhood

Each year, we take a day to thank some of the hardest working, most dedicated, loving women the world has ever seen: mothers. In the pro-life movement, we spend a lot of time celebrating mothers. We recognize and commend how they daily give of  themselves for their children and how they never stop fiercely loving them. As author Ann Voskamp once put it, “I laid down me to make more of you and it wasn’t a sacrifice but the unexpected grace of motherhood.”


At Ohio Right to Life, we believe that motherhood is where some of the most important pro-life work is done. In raising and caring for children, and instilling values like respect for the dignity of the human person, mothers are on the ground floor of our movement. 

To all the moms out there: the days are hard, and sometimes the work seems thankless. But you are loved and cherished beyond what you can believe. Thank you for your sacrifice and today, we celebrate you!

And to all the birth mothers: thank you for being selfless and giving your child life and a loving home. We know the days aren’t always easy, but we promise they’re worth it. Today, we celebrate you, too.

Wishing you and your family a very happy Mother’s Day!

The Team at Ohio Right to Life


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