The Only Path Forward

Written by Elizabeth MarbachDirector of Communications for Ohio Right to Life

As we travel into uncharted territory, may we always remember our end goal and remain grounded in truth always.

The pro-life movement is at a crossroads, and where we go next will set in motion the movement’s success—or decline— for decades to come. After 49 years of tireless advocacy, the behemoth named Roe v. Wade has now been tossed into the ash heap of history. Roe being overturned now places the power back into the rightful place of voters and their elected officials, both state and federal.

However, with victory comes responsibility. As many have said before—the fight for life is by no means over. It has only just begun. For so long, our focus was to win at the United States Supreme Court and overturn Roe, and now that that is completed, we must define our next steps.  We must make clear what our end goal is.

Some say the goal is to allow each state to decide on the issue or to be content with only outlawing abortion up to a certain point. While others demand equal protection of the law for the preborn throughout the nation and at the federal level, just as the original abolitionists did regarding the issue of slavery.

Ohio, let me be clear: We must seek true biblical justice for the lives of the preborn. Our job cannot stop until every life, from fertilization, is protected. There can be no more room for partial laws of iniquity for the preborn.

If we believe that abortion is murder, then we must begin to act like it. We must cry out and demand more from our public officials. We must do as the bible commands us to do in Isaiah 1:17; seek justice, correct oppression, and bring justice to the fatherless. No longer can we be satisfied with laws of partiality that leave our preborn neighbors of any age vulnerable to being slaughtered.

As we move forward, may we never become blinded by the temptation of political pragmatism and fear, forgetting the duty we have before God and our neighbors—to protect and defend the rights of everyone, beginning with the right to life.

Let us remain grounded in truth and trust in the Lord with all our might. For if we do this, life will win.

This article was first published in Ohio Right to Life’s Summer Newsletter.


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