This Week’s Pro-Life Update

In the midst of these uncertain times, the fight for life persists! We at Ohio Right to Life have been hard at work, tirelessly advocating for the protection of the most vulnerable in our society. Check out this week’s Pro-Life Update!  

NIH Fetal Tissue Ethics Board Releases First Report  

This week, the NIH’s Human Fetal Tissue Research Ethics Advisory Board released their first report, recommending that the federal government reject funding for 13 of the 14 studies they reviewed which involved the use of human fetal tissue. The Board, which was assembled by President Trump earlier this year to make ethics recommendations on the usage of aborted fetal tissue in taxpayer-funded research, includes an array of scientists and ethicists, including Dr. Ashley Fernandes, an Ohio Right to Life Board Member. 

President Trump’s assembly of the Fetal Tissue Ethics Board is a massive win for the cause of life, and a vital protection for taxpayer conscious rights. We are thankful for an administration that prioritizes the dignity of unborn human lives and seeks to ensure that important scientific research is conducted ethically. 

To read Ohio Right to Life’s original press release on the Fetal Tissue Ethics Board, click here.

New Life Blog! 

Last night, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, along with his running mate Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. Biden and his running mate Harris are both radically pro-abortion, and both have empathically stated that if elected they strike down existing pro-life protections and push for all access-abortion. 

To shed more light on Biden and Harris’ ticket and why their presidency would be disastrous for the cause of life, check out our latest Life Blog post written by Ohio Right to Life’s Director of Communications, Allie Frazier. As November looms larger than ever and millions of Americans contemplate how best to vote their values this election, we hope that Allie’s insights will help inform and equip voters of faith and conscience to stand strong for life at this pivotal moment in our movement’s history. 

To read Allie’s Life Blog, click here. 

Online Baby Shower Recap: Thank You!

We would like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who participated in our Online Baby Shower for Pathway to Hope! Pathway to Hope is a Pregnancy Center in Hamilton, Ohio that offers vulnerable women facing unplanned pregnancies in Hamilton, Ohio the help and support they need to navigate an unplanned pregnancy and beyond. We feel honored to have been able to work together with Pro-Life Ohio to come alongside Pathway to Hope and help provide them with vital items for the women and families that they serve everyday. Your generous support enables Pathway to Hope to continue empowering women and saving lives! 

Although our Online Baby Shower Initiative may be over, Pathway to Hope’s needs are still urgent. Their registry remains live and with every gift, no matter how small, you can still help save a life. Thank you for all you do to protect life and God bless you!

To check out Pathway to Hope’s Baby Registry, click here.










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