TODAY: Dayton Abortion Facility Faces Department of Health

Just a little bit ago, the Ohio Department of Health began a hearing regarding the status of Women’s Med Center, the Dayton-area abortion facility operated by the notorious late-term abortionist Martin Haskell. Almost three years ago, Ohio Right to Life successfully advocated for the passage of abortion facility regulations that eventually paved the way for this hearing.

Unable to secure sufficient medical back-up for his facility, Haskell now stands the chance of having his Dayton abortion facility shut down by the Ohio Department of Health.

This could mean the end of an abortion practice that has haunted not only Ohio but the nation for multiple decades now.

As many of you know, Martin Haskell is responsible for popularizing the now banned partial-birth abortion procedure. Almost ten years ago, the Supreme Court of the United States upheld this ban, securing a significant victory against Roe v. Wade and for the pro-life movement.

Today brings a stark reminder of the importance of electing pro-life leaders who enact pro-life laws, but it also reminds us of the grave importance of supporting pro-life leaders who protect the Supreme Court from pro-abortion extremists.

Here in Ohio we are coming full-circle as we watch the case of Martin Haskell’s extreme abortion practices unwind.

Our victory here in Ohio is far from certain. But there are a couple of actions that you can take to ensure that Ohio Right to Life and the broader pro-life movement protect the right to life at levels as high as the Supreme Court and as local as the Ohio Department of Health:

First, PRAY. Pray for the unborn children, and pray for their mothers and their fathers who are considering abortion. Pray that our culture will go distances in removing the inhumanity of abortion from Dayton, from Ohio, and from the nation.

Second, SIGN OUR PETITION: Thank Senator Rob Portman for standing strong against pro-abortion forces at the federal level who seek to bully the Senate into replacing pro-life Justice Antonin Scalia with a pro-abortion nominee.

Third, SEND A LETTER to your state representative and senator telling them that you support holding abortion facilities accountable by requiring that they humanely bury aborted babies instead of discarding them with the trash.

At Ohio Right to Life, we continue to hold the standard for the State of Ohio in protecting the dignity of the unborn and their mothers. Each time we pass a law that holds the abortion industry accountable, these facilities find themselves incapable of meeting basic standards of health and safety and face closure as a result of their incompetence. 

Join us today in working to protect the unborn at every level. Pray with us for justice, and pray with us for life.


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