Today’s Abortion Case at the Supreme Court

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States is hearing oral arguments on the most significant abortion case in more than 20 years. The case is Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt.

What exactly is at stake in this case?

As always, human life. But there’s a critical strategic argument that’s at stake as well. For the last several decades, Ohio Right to Life and others have been advancing a strategy that has incrementally chipped away Roe v. Wade, held abortion facilities accountable, and saved human lives.

The law being debated in the Supreme Court today is a Texas law that requires abortion facilities to meet the same standards as other ambulatory surgical facilities. Believing they stand above the requirements made of surgery outposts like lasik eye surgery centers, the abortion lobby challenged these requirements. You might recall the scene at the Texas State Capitol almost three years ago where Wendy Davis defended late-term abortion in pink tennis shoes and abortion advocates chanted, “Hail Satan!”

Today, all of that fanfare is coming to a head. 

Here’s the thing: The same year that Texas passed their law, Ohio Right to Life hailed the passage and enactment of our own. Ever since, we’ve been reading headlines like, “Why Abortion Groups Fear Ohio’s Pro-life Strategy.” While we cannot compare our law and the Texas law as apples to apples, the implications of this decision could effect the hard work we’ve done here in Ohio to hold abortion facilities accountable.

In 2014, Martin Haskell, the self-proclaimed “poster child” for late-term abortion, stopped performing surgical abortions near Cincinnati because the Ohio Department of Health was challenging him on our law. In Toledo, Capital Care Network, the city’s last abortion facility, continues to do battle with Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, who says that their contract with a hospital in Michigan is insufficient.

To say the least, today’s Supreme Court hearing is BIG.

Today, please keep in your prayers the lives of the unborn and the mothers whose lives and dignity are also at stake. Wherever you are today, join us in praying for a country that protects them both.


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