URGENT: Pro-Life Action Alert!

I have an urgent request. As early as today, the Toledo City Council could vote on a proposed city ordinance which would establish an eight-foot buffer zone around Capital Care of Toledo, the city’s sole abortion facility, and impose a fourth degree misdemeanor on anyone who crosses it. 

This ordinance would be disastrous for the dedicated sidewalk advocates who pray and offer women compassionate and life-saving assistance outside of the facility. If passed, it will become nearly impossible for them to reach out to women entering the facility and empower them with the community support and resources they need to choose life. 

That’s why I’m emailing- to ask for your help! If you’re able, please take a moment to email the members of the Toledo City Council and respectfully urge them to vote “no” on the proposed “Patient Safety” city ordinance. For a list of the Toledo City Council members email addresses click the bottom below:

Capital Care of Toledo is one of the most dangerous abortion facilities in Ohio for women- so much so that the Ohio Department of Health confiscated their surgical license in 2019. Routine health inspections have revealed such dangerous practices as an exam table being held together by duct tape and un-sterile surgical instruments. 

You can find a list of Capital Care of Toledo’s health and safety violations here. 

Clearly, the Toledo City Council’s proposed ordinance isn’t about protecting women. It’s about protecting a dangerous abortion facility’s bottom line by silencing anyone willing to advocate for women in crisis and their defenseless unborn babies. 

Please help us push back against this potentially devastating ordinance. Lives are at stake.

For Life,

Allie Frazier
Director of Communications 


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