Letter SB 28

I’m writing to urge you to support the Unborn Child Dignity Act. 

This legislation would require that aborted fetal remains be treated humanely following an abortion. The legislation is two-pronged. The first part requires that aborted children’s remains be either given earthly burial or cremation. The second part increases informed consent by requiring full disclosure to women pursuing abortions of their options for the aborted baby’s treatment.

This legislation was originally introduced in 2015 following Attorney General Mike DeWine’s announcement that Planned Parenthood locations in Ohio are depositing fetal remains in landfills.

In 2017, there were 20,893 abortions in Ohio. Both pro-life and pro-choice people alike should agree that sending thousands of aborted babies’ remains to landfills is neither dignified or humane.

I urge you to support the passage of this legislation to ensure that every aborted child is treated humanely, even in death.


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