We hold these truths to be self-evident

As we celebrate our nation’s birthday, we remember the great pains our Founding Fathers took to establish this great country. They fought, and many died, because they believed that the people living in the Colonies deserved freedom.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal…” Thomas Jefferson penned these words, and they were kept, as a firm foundation for all that this country stands for.

To our Founding Fathers, rights like the right to life were self-evident: Obvious. Clear. Plain

Today, we realize that what was once obvious, clear and plain to our Founding Fathers has been obscured, complicated and befuddled, largely by the doublespeak of politicians and media elite who would have us believe there is freedom and choice in death. 
Just last Monday, pro-abortion Hillary Clinton praised the Supreme Court for ruling against measures that would keep mothers and their unborn babies safer. “A victory for women,” she called it.

At Ohio Right to Life, we are working to redirect our country’s energies towards protecting the self-evident truths on which we were founded. Our very name charges us with the hefty responsibility of protecting all persons from acts of aggression against the most fundamental and self-evident right, the right to life.

Thankfully, Ohio Right to Life can count on life and liberty-minded Ohioans like you to help us shoulder that responsibility. With your help, Ohio Right to Life will continue to fight these acts of aggression against the innocent.

This Independence Day, join us in fighting back against the culture of death that has pervaded our society and celebrating the most precious right we have, the right to life.

Happy Independence Day!


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