When Reason Isn’t Reasonable

There are organizations that claim to be inclusive, diverse and tolerant to all walks of life. And why wouldn’t they be? Being tolerant seems to be the trendiest thing today! So I guess when they say that the, “dream of inclusivity and equality…is what we want,” we should just take their word for it, right? You might want to take a closer look first.

The organization I am referring to is the Reason Rally, a group of secular Americans fighting for “reason” against religion in America’s political system. They claim to be wonderfully diverse and inclusive but I beg to differ.

Reason Rally places reason at the core of their beliefs which seems pretty broad, right? But they also place secular and atheistic views at the core of their beliefs which indicates that, in their minds, a religious person cannot possibly have reason. This “diverse and inclusive” organization has now excluded 87% of Americans who have a religious affiliation.  The organization even referred to any Christian, Catholic or Mormon political candidate as a “bad guy”. That does not sound very inclusive to me.

Reason Rally holds an opinion on several issues, one of which is LGBTQ equality at the national level. So let’s say you fall in the 13% of Americans without religious affiliation that the Reason Rally welcomes but you do not believe the federal government has the authority to grant a marriage license to a gay couple. Well then I hope you weren’t too excited to join the Reason Rally because they exclude you as well. Only those willing to fight for LGBTQ equality are welcome to the party.

Let’s take a look at another issue: sex education. Reason Rally believes that teaching abstinence in schools is an unproductive and unnecessary approach to sex education. They believe that staying abstinent neglects the needs of LGBTW students and should be cut out of the program all together. They believe birth control tactics, excluding abstinence should be the main and only source of sex education in schools. So if you are part of the 13% of Americans without religious affiliation, believe in the equality of LGBTQ but you still want abstinence to be taught in schools then I’m sorry, you do not tick the right box to take part in Reason Rally.

We’ll take a look at one more topic: climate change. Reason Rally not only believes that people cause climate change, they are also active opponents to the fossil-fuel industry. It’s interesting that they take such a strong stance on the issue considering that 91% of Americans are not concerned about climate change. That’s just another example of a large chunk of Americans conveniently cut from Reason Rally’s invite list.

Isn’t it interesting how “diverse and inclusive” this organization seems to be? I guess we shouldn’t take their word after all. Unlike Reason Rally, Ohio Right to Life has only one requirement on its checklist and all other diverse traits are welcome.

Ohio Right to Life has one and only one goal in mind: defending the preservation of life in all stages and for all people. Is this a big goal? Yes of course, that is why we welcome all the help we can get. This may surprise some readers but at Ohio Right to Life, we love diversity! Whatever your religious beliefs, political beliefs, sexuality or ethnicity, if you want to fight for life then we want you on our team. Aimee Murphy, founder of Life Matters Journal, states, “the pro-life movement is united in the midst of diversity,” and is founded on the basis of human rights; not necessarily a religious basis.

We are always welcoming different walks of life into our Ohio Right to Life family.


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