Sheila Willamowski Boehner

Member Trustee

Sheila Willamowski Boehner is a 2011 Blackstone Legal Fellow (and a captain of the Columbus City group) and is a member of the Federalist Society. She is the eldest daughter of former State Representative John Willamowski & of Mona Willamowski, who jointly practiced law while raising four children in Lima/Allen County.

Sheila has observed the work of Ohio Right to Life throughout her time working at the Ohio House of Representatives over the span of four general assemblies, during which time she served as legal counsel under multiple House Speakers. She has also served as a counsel for State Treasurer Robert Sprague and for Secretary of State Frank LaRose. Most recently, she served as the Deputy Chief of Staff/Executive Counsel to the Speaker under former Speaker Bob Cupp.

She now practices law as an attorney at a Columbus-based law firm and resides in Grove City with her husband, Kevin, and their young daughter.


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