Diagnosed with Down syndrome? Share your Story

As you know, our Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination is quickly advancing through committee hearings in the Ohio House of Representatives. Today, the House Committee on Community and Family Advancement will hear opposition testimony on this bill that protects pre-born babies from the discriminatory violence of abortion.  

Email_Graphic_-_Share_Your_Story_6-2-15.jpgKnowing that negative stereotypes still persist, help us educate the public and our legislators about the real experiences of people with Down syndrome. Will you send us your stories?

We’ve already heard so many stories about the joy and humanity that people with Down syndrome bring to families and communities.

The power of these stories is immeasurable when you consider the myriad ways in which it works on the minds and hearts of everyone it touches. Whether a story reaches the heart of a legislator or an abortion-minded woman, its power can be transformative and life-saving. 

Take a look at this story shared by Mrs. Jackie Keough in committee two weeks ago.The beauty and truth of her testimony will surely move you.

Do you have a story that needs told? Did you receive a Down syndrome diagnosis? What did you do? Was it a false positive? How has a person with Down syndrome influenced your life? Maybe you are a person with Down syndrome–what would you want the world to know about your life? 

Stories are powerful. Throughout the month of June, we ask that you send your story (whether it’s one paragraph or ten) to [email protected]These stories need told–to our legislators, to Ohio, and to the world. 

One person’s story can save another’s.


To the amazing folks who spent the month of May sharing their stories and their expertise with Ohio’s legislators–thank you.


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