Ohio legislature likely to pass 2 pro-life bills

Yesterday, The Columbus Dispatch reported, “Ohio legislature likely to pass 2 anti-abortion bills in lame-duck session.”

While we are encouraged by headlines like this, with just three weeks left in the legislative calendar, we have a VERY limited window to pass these two critical bills:


Since 2010, abortions in Ohio have declined 25%. That amounts to more than 7,000 lives saved in 5 years! These bills are critical to continuing that trend! But with little time left, we are in need of your help. 

Both bills are awaiting a final vote out of committee. Will you take action now by writing to the chair of each committee to tell them you support these bills? You can do so easily with just a couple of clicks using our Legislative Action Center at ohiolife.org:

While we are hopeful that the Dispatch’s headline will become reality, we need every bit of insurance we can get to push these bills across the finish line. We’re taking nothing for granted.

Your voice matters. Your voice lets our leaders know that YES, Ohio cares about protecting and defending the unborn from the brutality of abortion.

Will you lend your voice today? It takes just one minute. And what is just one minute when it could save a whole lifetime?


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