You’re Invited

I’d like to invite you to something. 

On Saturday, Ohio Right to Life will be joining our incredible affiliate Right to Life of Northeast Ohio and our friends at Citizens for a Pro-Life Society as we hold a memorial and burial for Gianna John, a child whose life was tragically taken by abortion. 

In June, this baby’s broken body was found in a dumpster, literally thrown away like garbage outside of an abortion facility in Akron, Ohio. We are heartbroken by what this innocent child suffered. Life is so fragile, but so very precious. 

This child was afforded no dignity during her short life. Killed brutally by abortion and then thrown into the trash. It’s hard to even comprehend this level of injustice. Our hearts are breaking. 

Gianna John may not have received the dignity she deserved in this life, but we are committed to providing her the dignity of a proper burial. In commemoration of the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children, we will be holding her memorial service and burial at Holy Cross Cemetery in Akron this Saturday. 

Every life we lose to abortion is worth mourning, but we rarely have the chance to lay any of these innocent children to rest.

This is important, and it would mean a lot to me if you’re able to come. 

For full details on the event, click here. 

It would be an honor to mourn with you. 

For Life,

Allie Frazier
Director of Communications 


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