An Open Letter to Fathers

Few people have the profound effect on life that Fathers have.  

From the moment one becomes a Father, something special, irreversible, is born. Out of a man comes something new, something noble, something earth-shattering. In taking on the mantle of fatherhood, responsibility and trans-formative love creates a different kind of fighter. In fatherhood, love becomes action.    

Fathers, your embrace of Life moves mountains. Your commitment to your child changes their world, and impacts their life forever. When you celebrate life, when you fight for it, when you take the high road, when you support and cherish the woman in your life, you are the bearer of something infinitely noble. The gift of Fatherhood.  

Men, never be afraid to stand up for Life. Your compassion and courage is your legacy. In a world where the role of father is often brushed under the rug or stripped of its power, you stand apart. You provide for those under your care. You speak up for those who have no voice. You protect. You embolden others. Your desire for justice and your drive to ensure the safety of the vulnerable is a gift, and it is one that you wield with dignity and honor.  

Fathers, today we honor you.  

For all that you do, today and every day, to protect life, we thank you.  




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