Watch: A conversation on health care rationing

As states grapple with the current pandemic, questions about health care rationing are becoming more commonplace. The number of ventilators needed to treat those with the most severe cases of COVID-19 is expected to be far outpaced by the number of patients in need of them. Other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is in equally short supply, and great efforts are underway to ensure that healthcare providers have the equipment they need to provide care.

Our Vice President and Executive Director Stephanie Ranade Krider recently had a conversation with bioethicist and Fordham professor Charlie Camosy to talk about how a pro-life ethic applies to the current situation, and what ordinary Ohioans can do to ensure that we are protecting the most vulnerable among us. Professor Camosy has written and lectured extensively on this topic, and we think you will find the conversation informative and timely. To watch the interview, click here. For audio-only, click here.


Ohio is “ahead of the curve” with the actions that Governor DeWine and Health Director Dr. Acton have taken. But we can anticipate what’s coming looking at the experience of both the State of Washington and the State of New York, both of which have already begun to make unprecedented choices as to who receives life-saving care during this crisis and who does not.  

At Governor DeWine’s daily press conference on Thursday, April 3rd, Dr. Acton stated, “Everything we’re doing is so that our hospitals never have to make the hard decisions that were being seen made all over the world. And we don’t want to see that in Ohio.”

These issues are difficult, and we encourage you to listen to the interview to understand what we at Ohio Right to Life and other pro-life advocates are doing to defend the elderly or disabled. 

-Ohio Right to Life



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