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10 MORE Reasons to De-Fund Planned Parenthood

Last week, we brought you 10 reasons to de-fund Planned Parenthood. The list goes on and on. The following is another…

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Parents on Down syndrome: Compassion wins

Two parent perspectives on Down syndrome have been bouncing through my social media feeds this week: One, a father’s letter…

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10 Reasons to De-Fund Planned Parenthood NOW

There are literally millions of reasons to de-fund Planned Parenthood–and each reason would represent a life taken by the abortion…

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Why the New York Times and abortion advocates are the ones not living in the modern world

The New York Times wrote a puzzling editorial against Ohio’s Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act this week. While I have many…

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Ohio Protests Planned Parenthood!

This past weekend, Ohioans took a stand against Planned Parenthood in 11 locations across the state. Over the last month,…

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“Pro-Choice” v. “Pro-Life”: Breaking the Stereotypes

Editor’s Note: The following post is by Jeffrey Miller, a student from Messiah College and a summer legislative intern at…

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Protest Planned Parenthood this Saturday!

It’s a great time to be pro-life in Ohio. This Saturday alone there are 11 pro-life protests at Planned Parenthood facilities across…

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The Truth About Planned Parenthood’s New Poll

The spin-doctors at Planned Parenthood are working overtime. It appears that Planned Parenthood is spending their war chest at public…

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Planned Parenthood Video Scandal

Why Planned Parenthood Needs Investigated and De-Funded On July 14, The Center for Medical Progress, a group of pro-life investigative…

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Democratic Rep Gives Rousing Speech Against Planned Parenthood

State Representative Bill Patmon has become an incredible friend to Ohio Right to Life and the whole pro-life movement. A…

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