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Pro-life Gov. John Kasich Announces Bid for President of the United States

Today, at the Ohio Union at The Ohio State University, Governor John Kasich announced that he is running for President…

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TBT: Cleveland Planned Parenthood Fined $25K for Improper Storage of “Human Tissue”

Like many working for the pro-life cause, I read the story about Planned Parenthood selling babies’ organs with little surprise.…

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Holly’s Story: Meet Joey

The stories we tell—our real experiences of good people doing good things—can change hearts and minds fundamentally. It seems like…

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Mom’s Facebook post about baby girl with Down syndrome goes viral

The mission of Ohio Right to Life is to protect every innocent human life from conception until natural death–regardless of…

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NARAL: Eugenics OK If It’s “Choice”

Yesterday, the House Committee on Community and Family Advancement heard opposition testimony on our Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act  which protects…

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Diagnosed with Down syndrome? Share your Story

As you know, our Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination is quickly advancing through committee hearings in the Ohio House of Representatives. Today, the House…

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Height of Hypocrisy: Planned Parenthood Celebrates Black History

This month, Planned Parenthood is attempting to undo what it calls its “complicated history” by highlighting 99 African Americans who the organization…

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Pro-life Updates from DC

Last week garnered both setbacks and gains for the pro–life movement in Washington, D.C. First and foremost, we have to express our gratitude toward Senator…

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